Yugen Smartwatches



Welcome to Yugen Smartwatches.

This company was initially started due to the lack of a smartwatch that can actually function like a smartphone. One of the biggest issues we had with all the standard smartwatches on the market was the small display screen. We don't just want to look at time or one or two numbers on the screen. Sometimes we want to watch a video. Sometimes we want to be able to read an article or an email. Or even write an email! This simply is not possible with the standard smartwatch.

Another big issue with standard smartwatches is that they are supposed to help you stay connected, yet most of them are not able hold a sim card. What happens if you forget your phone or your phone dies?

So, we founded Yugen Smartwatches. We've sourced and curated high quality smartwatches that can do anything the standard smartwatch can do and more. To ensure the highest quality, we went directly to the manufacturers, abroad, and contracted them to ship our watches themselves. This ensures there are no middlemen, no extra costs, and no tampering with the high quality smartwatches. 

Watch video, surf the web, read emails and articles, listen to music, get reminders annd notifications, take/make calls with or without video, and much more—our smartwatches fit all your needs. 

All of us at Yugen Smartwatches use our smartwatches everyday: we workout with them, play sports, eat, drive, and yes we even use them while we're in the bathroom! It's really become a convenient piece of tech that we can't live without. 

We all hope you will feel the same way.

Have fun,

Yugen Staff